Monza is a Roman, Lombard, Medieval, Habsburg and Napoleonic city … a reality to be discovered!
Helios Hotel is located near the main sights of the city of Monza: a city rich in art, culture, sport and … nature!


Villa Reale

It is one of the most important monuments of the city, was built in 1777 during the United Lombardo-Veneto, which is the period of Austrian domination, as a symbol of prestige and magnificence of the Habsburg court, by the will of Empress Maria Teresa d ‘Austria. From the gardens of the Villa Reale there is direct access to the Park of Monza.


The Park

It occupies an area of about 700ha, it is one of the main historical European parks and the largest one in those enclosed by walls.
It was created at the beginning of the ‘800 thanks to the will of the Emperor Napoleone II of Beauhamais that started the big enlargement project of the complex of the Villa Reale and of the gardens in order to make a farm and hunting estate. Around the 1808 the Monza Park became the largest enclosed park in Europe, with a wall of fence along 14 km.
In the period between the 1807 and the 1900 there were a lot of users and managers of the park which, while taking advantage of the structure, kept the park intact.

The Park area is kept in the woods for about a third of the area, the rest is kept as lawn.
It is a green oasis, ”pristine” refuge for an amazing variety of birds and mammals.
The Park is a great opportunity for outdoor sports, leisure and wellness. Inside, you will find many touristic places of interest: the Villa Reale, the Autodromo (race track), the eighteenth-century villas, farmhouses and water mills, the river Lambro and the golf course. These places are all connected by picturesque paths that can be passed through on foot or by bike.


The Cathedral

duomo-monzaIt is located in the town centre and rises on the ruins of the acient “Oracolum” built in 595 by the will of the Lombard Queen Teodolinda , wife of the Lombard King Autari and later of King Agilulfo.
Rebuilt several times during the centuries, of the Lombard period remains only a tower at the east part of the sacristy and two marble slabs.
Very famous is the Chapel of Queen Teodolinda in which is kept the Corona Ferrea (Iron Crown), a precious jewel of the late gothic period that is part of the treasure kept in the Cathedral Museum.



It is located in the historical centre of the city (from the Latin Arengarius, derived from the Germanic hari-hring, place for assemblies): is the ancient Town Hall, built in 1293, where the assemblies of the Hall took part, where the justice was administered and where the economic and commercial life was settled.



autodromoIn 1922 the SIAS (Society for the motoring development) obtained in concession 370 ha of the main part of the wood areas in the north of the Park.
The Autodromo (National car race track) was built in the record time of 100 days.
It was modified several times during the years, but today is still use for the most international motor-car and motor-bike competitions.


Rossini Art Site


Few miles far from Monza there is the Rossini art site: a park open air!
Rossini art site is a particular place that brings to discovery the hidden face of Brianza.  Is a park full of sculptures which appears like a collection of works of art of the second ninth century, set open air around the hills of Brianza.
The collection has a particular importance in the contemporary sculpture because it is characterized by works art, especially made for the place where they have been set.
Starting from the research of the years sixties and seventies, from works art of Rambelli, Minguzzi, Negri, Milani, Pomodoro, Melotti and Turcato, Rossini art site develops through the operas created by Cascella, Consagra e Cesar until arrive to the work of younger artists, sometimes realized by the buyer an exemple is operas of Stahler, Dietman and Ievolella.