Hotel Helios is in partneship with FAMIY DOG to offer the best proposal for our four-legged friends. FAMILY Dog is a team of dog trainers certified by ENCI (The italian Association of Cinology) lead by Paola Castellano, communication and zoo-antropological cognitive approach expert.

The basic idea is to have a solid and expansive understanding of the individual cognitive abilities of each dog, considering also motivations peculiar of the breed and his own emotions.

The cognitive approach is inspired by the most updating research of the behavioral sciences.

Family dog works with the pet owner to emprove relationship and communication with the dog, promoting coexistence in daily life. This happen with a kind approach through positive training: playing games, basic training to tackling specific issue. In this way the dog learns useful life skills, powerful for social coexistence.

“Learn to listening the dog, satisfying his needs but enjoying together the pleasure of a great relationship. “ telling this, Paola convinced us to create this partnership and open our hospitaly to the four-legged friends!


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